martes, 18 de enero de 2011

Welcome to my blog

Hello, everybody my name is Maria Ortigoza,
I am studiyng a bachelor in laws.... I love to spent time with family and friends... One of my favorites things that i love to do is go to movies, dance and travel...
I love the beach and the sunny days that's why I love Maracaibo lol..!



                                                  Video Katty Perry- Firework

I like this a lot, the video is so beatiful make you see life diferent, make your day happy and full of hope...

The video and the song is obviously a perfect example for people how feel weak and see life whitout hope.. A firework always bring people attention and people like to see it because is wonderful to see all the colors in the sky the same way Katty Perry want to makes feel people wonderful and special.


Life is a box of secrets and mystery full of dark and colors,
 like the ocean deep and wonderful, 
I don’t want to live   this life without yours kisses ,
 I need to have you next to me that way I can feel  that I am somebody in this universe of craziness, 
never leave me please ,
 stay in my destiny or my heart will be with you whatever you go.

Hello my name is Maria Angela Ortigoza Sucre, I have 18 years. My daily routine is to get up from Monday to Friday at 5:00 am I take a bath, brush, dress and then I go to college, my breakfast is at 8:00 am with my friends, I leave at 11am and I class to my house after lunch, sleep for a few hours and go to the gym. the rest of the day just watching TV, then study, listen to music, eat dinner at 7:00 pm after getting things ready for the next day and go to sleep at 11:00 pm

SaturdayI go to paramedic course 2.00pm to 5:00 pm after I get home and plan a night out with my friendsI go to the discodance and share with them.

Sundaygo to paramedic course again from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm I get homeI shower and get dressedI meet a family and have dinner all togetherI sometimes go to the movies or the pool or eat ice cream but .

*The best way to learn how to love and care our environment is reflecting about all the awesome moments that nature gives us.
Who don’t enjoy to have a clean and blue ocean around or to spend the weekend with family or friends at the mountains? Everybody does.   
To be more awareness about the way that we treat our environment we need just to imagine our life without flowers, rivers, mountains, and ocean.
Keeping clean our roads and public places, never throw away garbage in the street , recycling is always a good way  to help this world to be more clean 

i live in a small house very clean and comfortable i live in san francisco in my house there are eigth rooms a living room, two a bathroom, three a bedroom, a kitchen and garage